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Friday, 3 September 2010

Diva on a Dollar!!!

 This post was written by Miss Titilola Akinkugbe of Esther's  for leadership and lifestyle magazine; a magazine aimed at young and ambitious,upwardly mobile,male and femal,career and business professionals.Click here for more details
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Fashion, the word fashion means various things to different people. Some say fashion is being trendy, stylish, sexy, loud or bold.
Webster’s Dictionary (2009) defines fashion as “the latest and most admired style in clothes and cosmetics and behaviour”.
To me fashion means discovering and celebrating the acts of Creativity, Individuality and Elegance.
My School of Creativity
I think in fashion, being creative is one of the main things that make one stands out. It is the ability to wear the same items so differently that your friends think you have got a new outfit.
Especially in these tough times when a girl doesn’t have the luxury of shopping every weekend, she has got to work with what she has. 

Class 101: Maximising Options. A Diva MAXIMISES HER OPTIONS by tuning key staple items into numerous outfits.
Diva on a Dollar.
About a month ago on my way out with friends, I was running late and had to get something to wear but didn’t have all the time in the world to choose. So in my haste to find the outfit, I became so irritated about how much stuff I had in my wardrobe, many of which I actually wasn’t wearing anymore. Arghh…the frustration!
So, I quickly put the closest thing I could get on but during the day decided that I was going to sort out the mess that my wardrobe had become. I had secretly committed myself to operation: “Get the Junk out”.  My mission was simple; I had decided to clear out items not worn in the last 6 months. I also decided to sell unworn items on eBay and take the remaining to Aunty Jenny’s charity shop. 
I selected 25 staple items ranging from Silmline jeans, fitted short jacket, panelled  skirts, scoop neck balloon-sleeved dresses, v necked tops and those lovely miracle swimsuit. These pieces were chosen to make the most of my “Goblet” body shape: Yes I know long lean legs, broad shoulders and narrow hips but most especially as comfort is required in my line of business: designing lovely outfits for my clients.
Wow the letting go experience was quite emotional as there seems to be a story behind every item I had. I actually turned one of my high waisted skirt made from an exquisite African fabric into cushions. Some faded cotton jackets and skirts were dyed into different shades; some were altered by adding a different fabric. My long ripped trouser jeans were also turned into summer shorts. As the sales from eBay was a major hit, I  decided to invest in some accessories ranging from Earrings, Belts, Corsages, Neck plates, Scarves, Shoes and Bags. I discovered that this money saving tip not only helped create numerous outfits, but gave a clearer picture on how to dress for the journey ahead.

Check some of these great items that can bring character and meaning to your wardrobe. Divas remember fashion is all about being creative and not maxing out those credit cards.
Stay Tuned to the next Issue as I would be sharing more creative tips on how to look fabulous.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

This Is For The Long Haul

Finally Ilimitado is here and believe me when I say it is here to grow from one generation to help us Lord.
Who we are?...Allow me to Introduce ILIMITADO...
The opportunities are boundless, the possibilities endless.
Nothing is static,everything changes, and that acceptance is what being an individual is all about.
Welcome to Ilimitado. Now that you are here, allow us to introduce ourselves properly.

Here, we are all about you. Your style, tastes, likes; your colours, tones, shades; what fits, how it sits,and why, is our business. We believe there is a difference between how a person looks and how a person should look ( you will too, if you follow our lead ). At Illimitado, we go much further, we sell great quality clothing...wait for it - at affordable prices .No need to compromise your hard earned money for style, neither should style be compromised for a good bargain. This is exactly where we'll show you how.
Thank you for dropping by, and we hope your experience from now till eternity will be nothing short of GREAT.